Yoga at Mountainside

The Mountainside at Northstar yoga studio is the ultimate yoga experience and retreat in all of Tahoe.

Sounds of a peaceful waterfall fill the air as you walk through a zen-like garden and into the private mountain oasis. Your yoga mat and props are already set up for you in the optimal position to feel the warmth of the sun and comfort of the surrounding trees.

There are 6 classes per week and 10 spots per class to choose from throughout the week and weekends during the peak seasonal time frames. All classes are listed on the MindBody App and pre-registration is highly encouraged for the most curated experience. Homeowners and renters alike have access to the yoga studio and the Outfitters can arrange private sessions upon request.

Meet Marybeth

As an east coast native with a free spirit, Marybeth has traveled and taught around the world. She enjoys the mental and physical challenge and thrives on constantly educating herself to ensure her students are safe, while strengthening and stretching their muscles, and releasing stress. Marybeth began her professional yoga training in 2013 through the Africa Yoga Project based out of Kenya, where she participated in a month long intensive teacher training program paired with fundraising and service projects.

Marybeth has continued professional yoga schooling and now possesses three yoga teacher credentials as well as specializing in restorative practices. Her goal is to ensure that whomever walks into the yoga studio, feels comfortable, connected, and calm by the end of the practice. She strives to teach in a fun, and educational way so that each person can take something away from the class.


Classes available to all Mountainside owners and renters.
Schedules available on the MindBody App.
Private classes available upon request.

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