Welcome Jason! | Our New Outfitter

Having been born and raised in Truckee, California, I've always had the luxury of having all that nature has to offer at my fingertips. Whether it was skiing, riding my bike through the woods to and from school or camping at one of the many local lakes on the weekend, the mountains helped mold me into the active and outdoorsy human that I am today. My strong social nature drove me to participate in most mountain sports and team activities, including skiing, soccer, hockey, and golf. My social skills were also honed by my little brother with special needs, who taught me patience, acceptance, and compassion - and that everyone matters! When I graduated from high school, I moved to Los Angeles for college and what would end up being an amazing learning opportunity. While obtaining my degree, I taught preschool and created content for a children's museum. Upon graduation, the mountains called for me to return to my roots and enjoy the riches of our beautiful Tahoe environment. For over a decade, I had the pleasure of owning and operating a local rafting company with my friends, allowing me to enjoy even more of the outdoors that I grew up loving. Having the ability to venture down rivers in order to facilitate wonderful guest experiences has proven to be invaluable to my character and world view. My life experience has enabled me to take great pride and cherish any opportunity to create enriching positive relationships with like-minded individuals who appreciate cooperation and nature. Whether working at a local ski resort teaching skiing, making snow or rafting Class 5 rivers, I've always found pleasure in experiencing the outdoors in as many ways as possible with as many people as possible. I'm honored to have the opportunity to bring my knowledge and positive outlook to the Tree House for all to share. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and experiencing the joy of this wonderful mountain community, so come in and say hi!

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