The Great Mountainside Scavenger Hunt

Join us this week at the Tree House for THE GREAT MOUNTAINSIDE SCAVENGER HUNT CHALLENGE! Beginning Saturday 2/18 stop by the Tree House to pick up your clue sheet and custom Mountainside Race Bib.

The Outfitters have hidden a variety of hole punches all over the mountain. Use your clue sheet to find the locations and add the specific hole punch along the border of your race bib to show that you visited the correct spot. Once you have found all the secret locations, or your legs simply cannot take anymore, turn in your bib at the Tree House. Competitors will have until Sunday the 26th to complete the challenge. The results will be determined by who obtains the greatest number of punches, with any ties going to whoever turned their bib in first!

Enjoy complimentary beverages from 4 – 6 pm.

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