Take a Bike Ride with the Outfitters

There are countless trails weaving through the hills, meadows, and valleys within Tahoe’s expansive footprint, making exploring this cherished destination an endless journey of new discoveries.

As Outfitters, we are tasked with learning all of the trail systems in order to best direct the Mountainside community to the must-try trails. So when we stumbled upon the new Elizabethtown Trail we knew we had to share it immediately.

This trail is made up of diverse terrain leading riders through all of the best that Tahoe has to offer - from meadows of aspen trees to pine tree canopies to the open Martis Valley floor - don’t be surprised if you routinely see an Outfitter on this beautiful trail.

  1. Direct access to the trail can be found either from the Castle Peak parking lot or on a turn off where Northstar Drive and Highway 267 meet, and either entrance can be accessed directly from Highlands View Road. From there you’ll arrive at the trailhead where interpretive signage, courtesy of the Truckee Donner Land Trust, will lead you on your way.

  2. The ride commences through a secluded pine forest coming to a slightly curved decline that riders (or hikers or runners) can take at their own pace.

  3. Over the bridge where the water flows well into Fall, you can stop at multiple picnic benches along the way, or keep going towards the aspen trees of all different shades depending on the time of year.

  4. You’ll be led into the Martis Valley clearing where Northstar is on your left and the Sierra Crest is on your right.


Name: Elizabethtown Trail

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Physical Rating: Moderate

Distance: ~2 Miles

Trail Type: Single Track, Both Directions

Activities: Bike, Hike or Run

Dogs Allowed: Yes

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