Relief Fund | All Homeowners Make a Difference

Tahoe is a community that offers a healthy lifestyle in a beautiful location to its inhabitants. Among the most appealing aspects of our region is its versatility in giving a multitude of options as to how it is enjoyed. Residents of winter, summer, year-round or frequent weekend stays all have a place and play a role in this community regardless of where one gets their mail or casts their votes.

Essential services including hospital, airport, schools, police and fire are all funded through property taxes which are levied without discrimination for residency. Similarly, within the resort communities including Mountainside, Northstar, Old Greenwood and Gray’s Crossing all real estate transactions pay transfer fees which accrue to the various entities within the Tahoe Mountain Resorts Community Foundations (TMRF).

Recently, the TMRF created a $250,000 emergency fund,  generated by transfer fees from purchases made by primary and second homeowners, to provide immediate assistance to local residents in need of essential service.

Learn more about Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund here.

We give thanks to all of our homeowners and to our entire community for their contributions in these trying times.

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