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Be Well | 3 Full Body Exercises

January 29, 2022

Focusing on the 3 areas of our bodies that we engage mostly in our winter sports, Katie a Mountainside at Northstar instructor shows us three exercises to focus on arms, core, and legs. 1) Legs 2) Core 3) Arms **Please note the quality of any video may vary. You should understand that when participating in …

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Be Well | Strength Training for the Slopes

January 26, 2022

Our instructors from the Mountainside Yoga Studio have put together a “Be Well” series providing demonstrations and activities for at home wellness. Three things you can do at home to help strengthen for your days out on the slopes. Join Katie as she demonstrates these exercises. 1) Squats2) Speed Skaters3) Plank Shoulder Taps **Please note …

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Be Well | Sinus Massage

January 16, 2022

Our instructors from the Mountainside Yoga Studio have put together a “Be Well” series providing demonstrations and activities for at home wellness. This season you may be experiencing clogged or congested sinuses. Marybeth provides a tutorial for a gentle massage technique. Easy to do at home, it might just aid in relieving nasal congestion and …

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Shuttle Calendar | Thanksgiving Menu Options

November 22, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from Mountainside!   Northstar UpdateUnfortunately, it does not look like mother nature has given Northstar the opportunity to open for skiing this Thanksgiving. However, when the snow starts to fly, you’ll be ready with the 2021/2022 Mountainside Ski Shuttle schedule. View Here As the winter season approaches here is all the up-to-date information …

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BOULDERS | Designed by BAR Architects

October 9, 2021

BAR Architects, an award-winning San Francisco-based architectural firm lead the design for all three floor plans of the newest neighborhood in Mountainside at Northstar. With a relaxed, sophisticated architectural design, BOULDERS blends iconic snow-country tradition with a distinctly modern mountain style. A simple palette of materials, including steel, glass and wood, complements the surrounding natural …

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Yoga Studio | Located in the BOULDERS Neighborhood

August 25, 2021

Located in the BOULDERS Neighborhood, you walk through a zen-like forest surrounded by the grandeur of granite boulders and into the private mountain oasis. Your yoga mat and props are already set up for you in the optimal position to feel the warmth of the sun and comfort of the surrounding trees. Homeowners and renters alike have access …

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Summer Saturdays | Family Aerial Silks

August 7, 2021

Take flight! Get upside down and defy gravity in the air with this dynamic new fitness style. Aerial silks is a beautiful, creative and challenging art form that helps build upper body and core strength. Learn and practice this art form from 3-5pm this Saturday.  Ages 5+ and all levels welcome. Saturday, August 7th 3-5PM RSVPs …

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Summer Saturdays | Horseback Riding & Scratch Art

July 27, 2021

Join us at the Tree House from 3 – 5pm to enjoy complimentary beverages and connect with the community. Reveal a world of color with this week’s kids activity, as we explore the graphic technique of scratch art. Saturday, July 31st  3-5PM ___________________ Reservations are closed for Horseback riding at Piping Rock. Saturday, July 31st …

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Summer Saturdays | Woodworking Art

July 5, 2021

Enjoy complimentary libations and decorate your own piece of wood art to create a one of a kind addition to your home decor. Lead by Dana Folz of Symme Trees. RSVP’s are required along with pre-payment. Contact the Outfitters for RSVP’s and payment information. ___________________ SUMMER SATURDAYS SAVE THE DATE Saturday, July 17th Bingo Pool …

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Summer Saturdays | 4th of July BBQ

June 29, 2021

Every Saturday through September 4th, owners are invited to participate in Summer Saturday activities organized by the Outfitters. From Happy Hour to kids activities, horseback riding and mingling with friends and neighbors, we look forward to making this an amazing summer at Mountainside. 4TH OF JULY BBQ Saturday, July 3rd 3 – 5PM Join us …

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