Tree House

Mountainside’s Tree House is a cozy living room and sexy clubhouse that combines award-winning contemporary architecture and warm natural materials. It has a fitness room and a pool for working out, and sofas and a bar for kicking back. Tree House – located between The Village at Northstar and The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe – is the heart of the Mountainside community. Tree House is where you can go après hiking, biking or skiing – and now, it’s a place where you go before any of that, and find your very own expert Outfitter.


The Outfitters bring the Mountainside spirit to the 3,800 square foot Tree House, which makes kids as welcome as their parents. There’s a sports court, pool table, more movies than offspring can absorb in a year and a vast array of video games, including classic Pac-Man, without which no treehouse would be complete. All the fun and games are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the place in mountain light and make it seamlessly indoor-outdoor. Tree House was designed by Walton Architecture and Engineering, a Tahoe City firm responsible for a variety of spectacular single-family homes in the region. Tree House is the first contemporary building that architect Clare Walton has built for an entire community rather than a single family. “Members of a family will be all over a house doing a variety of activities,” she says. “But they still want to be together. Tree House does that for a bunch of families at once.”